Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Present

It's been just a little bit sine I last posted in here. Goodness! I'm really going to try to do better but I know that I say that every time. Oh well.

I thought I would update on all of the going on, mostly focusing on Christmas happenings since I know my in-laws would like an update :)

Monday night we did stockings since we were taking off first thing in the morning. It was fun. I got tons of makeup and candy (does my husband know me or what?) and Drew got movies as well as some random food items. Joel got some toys and a cute new binky holder. I'm not going to lie, for his birthday I may regift him some of the gifts we gave for christmas. I"m cool like that. :)

Tuesday morning we had quite the hoopla getting Chester ready to go to doggie daycare. This is what we get for being late getting his vaccines up-to-date. We dropped him off around noon and then headed to my parents place.

I love Christmas with my family. We did our finger-food dinner for Christmas Eve then sang some carols and then read the nativity story. Christmas morning Joel let us sleep until 8:30 and it was wonderful then we ate breakfast, sorted presents, and got to unwrapping them. We always open one gift at a time, watching and seeing what other people get. It makes it more about giving and less about getting that way I think.

That was one stocked Christmas tree

Joel and Lilly "sharing" before present opening

Christmas PJs! Drew and I were ying and yang with our Diet Coke/Coke shirts 

Pre-presents energy drink for Mr. Joel

It was a ton of fun seeing what everyone got and getting things from people. Joel was into the whole thing for a little while but then he just wanted to play with everything. Between he and Lilly, we had some pretty tired kids by the end of presents.

I was trying to take a picture of my dad's present but then suddenly this head appeared. Photo bomb!

Joel's first gift to open!

I'm too sexy for my bow, too sexy

In the end, Drew got a bunch of dvds and music. He also got some nerf guns that by far overshadowed all other gifts. They're for work because apparently they have nerf gun fights all the time there and he can only watch. No more though, he will be a fighting machine now :)

Joel got some clothes, books, and toys. He got a riding zebra thing from Grandma and Grandpa Goodrich that both he and Lilly quite liked. He can't ride it by himself just yet but give him a month or two and he'll be riding that thing all over the place.

As soon as Joel fell off the first time Lilly was right there to keep the zebra going.

He wasn't quite sure what to think of it when he first got on

But then he warmed up to it! 
 Drew rather spoiled me with some chocolates and some under-cabinet lights. I am crazy excited about the lights even though it makes me feel kind of old. Our kitchen is rather dark even with all of the lights on so having the lights under the cabinet is going to be faaaab-u-lous!

I definitely got spoiled! Especially love the recipe book with all of my mom's recipes

Drew's "fantasy football" shirt is epic. I also got him a mug that looks like a beer mug.  You can put liquid in the mug but it still looks like there's beer. It's for work too since they call Drew's workspace "Drewskie's Pub"

Joel had a pretty good first Christmas I'd say.

Uncle Colton got him a safety gate that we can use on our main-level stairs since it'll be safer than our current make-shift gate that we have now.

Cute PJs from Grandma and Grandpa Madsen!

Yup, I'd say he loves his horse. 
Definitely love Christmas even though I can't believe it's already past. Next big thing is Joel's birthday that I need to start planning.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


So I said I would show pictures of the house so you all can see the loveliness. No joke, I was going to take pictures this last Thursday night but decided I was too tired and the house would look better with daylight. The next day I got home from work fully intent on a) buying some decorations so I would feel like my house was more home-ish and b) taking pictures to post on the blog.

My plans were foiled, however, when I discovered that our basement carpet was wet. As in, super wet. As in, somehow our sprinklers turned on and didn't turn off for at least 4 hours and as a result flooded our basement as well as our neighbor's basement. As in  "crap..."

So currently the carpet is torn up in the basement, the baseboards are popped off, there is a chorus of several hug fans all humming together, and our TV is crammed into our front room.

Instead, I shall show pictures of Joel's room because that's probably the cutest room in the house anyway. Plus I can show off my craftiness that I did.

I cut out some fabric birds and then made some fabric starch. You then get the fabric wet in the starch, blow-dry the fabric so it's not dripping wet, and then iron the fabric on the wall. It's great because you can do some great decorations and if you decide you don't like where it is you can move it no problem; no lasting damage to the walls.

I'll post more pictures of the place when we get the gi-normous fans out of the basement and get everything somewhat put back together. We're going to have to wait to re-finish stuff so it won't look put together in the pictures but I guess that's ok since it lets me figure out what I want to do with the paint color and all that.

In the mean time, enjoy some Joel pictures (I need to start taking more pictures of Drew and I.. we have no pictures of just the two of us.. )

The Incredible Shrinking Dog

Chester got a hair cut. I think he lost about 10 pounds and seems a lot happier about it

Joel is also happy about this

Monday, June 17, 2013

Life Continues

So you remember that one time I had a baby? … Yeah… I do. I guess I feel like I need to give a quick synopsys of how the whole “I had a baby” thing went down and then I can dive into the details of the here and now:

I was checked into the hospital Monday, January 21. We went to my “last supper” with my family that evening and then at 8 pm Drew and I checked in to the hospital. I was so scared because I had no idea what to expect. Don’t get me wrong, I was really excited but it felt like these were the last few moments of my life as I had known it and within a few hours life would be COMPLETELY different.

I  was right, having Joel has changed everything about life but that’s definitely not a bad thing. So yeah, there I am laying in my hospital bed terrified of what’s coming. They started me on the meds that would induce me and then said they’d check on me throughout the night. Yeah, they did. Somehow I was magically able to sleep and when the nurse came in at 6:30 the next morning I was oddly rested. She checked me and said I was about 3 centimeters dilated. The doctor came in soon after that and said I was close to 4 cm and he’d keep an eye on me throughout the day.

Now I’d been warned that induced births can take a while so I didn’t know what to expect. It seemed like things were progressing pretty quickly but I knew it would probably end up lasting longer than I thought. Then the contractions set in. Oh. My. Gosh. It was ridiculous; I tried to be all grownup about it and act like it didn’t hurt and this was all child’s play but inside I was screaming “mommy!!!!”

I only lasted through about an hour of intense contraction when the nurse urged me to get my epidural. She said to get it before there was a waiting line. Apparently getting an epidural is like getting ice cream on a hot day: the longer you wait to go get ice cream the longer the line becomes as the day progresses. Anywho, I decided to just get the thing done.

All I can say about the epidural was that I was seriously terrified (sticking a needle in my spine, I mean seriously??) but that was possibly the best money I have ever spent. Within about 30 minutes all of the pain with the contractions went away and I was happy as a clam. The next 6 hours were passed in naps and watching TV and talking to my parents (Drew slept most of the day). I was in and out and happy and didn’t care that a baby as about to bust out of me cause I felt good. :)

4 pm came and the nurse decided it was time for me to start pushing. That was a fun little experience. I pushed for about an hour and a half until the doctor came in and up until that point I was not making much progress. I was getting so tired that I just wanted to quit. Finally (about 2 hours into pushing) when I told Drew that I couldn’t do it any more I started to make some real progress. Seriously in a matter of 10 minutes I went from no progress to almost having the baby out.

At 6:50, Joel was pulled into the world. All 8 pounds, 1 oz and 19 inches of him. My first thought when I saw him was “I just had a black baby!” His skin looked super dark and his features made him look black. 

That was the most amazing moment of my life: when they handed Joel to me so I could do some skin-to-skin time. I couldn’t believe what had just happened and I dind’t care that I had torn so they were sewing me back up. This baby was mine and he was perfect.

Drew and I looked at him and when the nurse asked what we were going to call him we both just looked at each other and knew: “Joel Andrew”. He is totally a Joel too so it’s perfect!

But yeah, we brought him home 3 days later and had to have a lot of follow up visits because his bilirubin was high. A week after we got his bilirubin back to a normal level, he was then admitted to the hospital for RSV. That was the most terrifying night of my life considering the nurse actually told us “things aren’t looking good for him.”  But yeah, 8 days in the hospital got him on the mend and he doesn’t seem to be any worse for wear now.

He is now 5 months old and is seriously the cutest baby I have ever seen. Look at this: how could you not love it?

In other news: we bought a house! I know, out of nowhere right? Well, we started talking and decided that we wanted to get our own place. After a couple months of knowing that come April we were going to start looking to find an apartment or something Drew’s dad suggested that we look at buying a place. At first it seemed like a stupid idea since Drew was still in school and we didn’t know where we would be in the coming years but then as we started to talk about it it just made sense. We know we’re going to be here for at least another 3 years with Drew finishing school and then either with a job or figuring out life. I make good money and we could get approved just off of my job. We’ve been able to save up a bit. The housing market is on the mend now and we would be able to get an amazing APR and a house for a great price.

So, we started looking just for fun. We set up an appointment with a realtor to see a townhouse in American Fork and ended up signing with her. The townhouse in AF was not at all what we wanted and so I was from the start rather doubtful we’d be able to find something. Well, after signing all of the paperwork with the realtor we decided we’d go to this open house for a townhouse in Lehi and just look around. We wanted room to just look at not have someone leaning over our shoulder and we just wanted to see as many places as we could.

After looking at the place, something just told us “this is the place.” It was ridiculous and made no sense. We’d only been seriously looking for a couple of days and already we found a place we wanted to put an offer on. Even now we’re not sure what it was that spoke to us so much but it just felt right and the price was perfect and the amount of space was great and it just all felt right. We put in an offer and found out there were 3 other offers on the table so we made our’s a little higher. Luckily our offer was accepted so then we just had to get the whole process over.

Let me tell you, buying a house is not fun. Like, at all. I don’t know that I ever want to do that again it was such a headache and I was stressed through the whole thing and it never felt like we could count on it working because we had so many hoops to jump through and hurdles to jump.

Finally on May 23 we closed and we got our keys on May 24. We own a place now! It was amazing having free rent and being in Orem so close to work but I have to say I am so, so stinkin’ happy to have our own place with our own furniture and our own area where I can wander around in my garments and not have to worry about someone jumping out of nowhere and seeing me. I love the place

It’s a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhouse in Lehi. 2000 sq ft with a theater room in the basement that’s wired for a projector and surround sound. It has a fenced backyard with a little garden (we want to do a ton of work to the backyard). The main level has a nice sitting room/front room and then the dining room and kitchen. We have a really good sized pantry and I LOVE it so much. It’s nice to have that kind of storage area. Downstairs is an unfinished area where the washer/dryer hookups are and we’re using that room as storage as well as the laundry room. There’s also the entertainment room just off of that. Upstairs are 3 bedrooms, the master bathroom, the master closet, and a full guest bathroom.

I’m still working on getting things settled (it’s hard to do when you work full time and have a 4 month old) but things are starting to feel like home. We painted one wall that’s in the master bedroom just because it really needed it and I wanted to make the place feel like our’s. I'll post pictures of it when things are a little more settled (just a couple days more I think!).

 I love having my furniture there too. We bought a couch off of for $300 and it’s a HUGE sectional that’s only 2 years old and originally sold for $2,100. We also got some wingback chairs for $16 total. One of them needs a slipcover but that’s not too bad.

Also, I finished redoing the kitchen table and chairs and they look AWESOME! I love how they turned out so THANK YOU GEOFF!!!

So that's it for now. I’m going to try to write in here more often just to keep people up to date with what’s going on for us. Plus, I need to share more pictures of the adorableness that is my child. :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

So dear heavens I really stink at this keeping up with things … thing. Life has been super busy this summer and I know I always say that but I promise it’s true! We’re going to attack this entry like an essay and make sure I cover everything.

1.       Revamping Madsen Additions
2.       Change in future directions
3.       Summer of the monkeys… I mean family J
4.       Disney mania!

Thus you have the table of contents. If I was cool I would hyperlink each section so it would take you directly to that text but that might be a bit too nerdy even for me.

As you all recall, last year around the end of July I wrote a post entitled Madsen Additions. I’m sure half the world who read that thought I was announcing that I was pregnant. Believe me, at the time I really was wishing that was my announcement. Instead, it was the announcement that we had acquired the cutest puppy in the world, who has completely overrun our lives. Oh Chester… dumb dog sleeps pretty much in every position so long as it’s right on top of us but he sure is adorable.

                                  Attention should would                                  
                                            be nice                   <sigh>                    There we go!

And then I’m sure most of you recall my January post. I think that was a post of pure desperation and frustration. Around Christmas, some friends of my in-laws had made a comment while at dinner (meant to be taken in jest) about how they had grandkids because their kids loved them, thus followed by a not so subtle look in Drew and my direction. I was not a happy camper the rest of the evening mostly because I was not very secure will all of these seeming infertility issues. It seemed to be a taboo subject that you don’t bring up and yet you still have to deal with others’ jokes at your expense. Somewhat similar to a LDS single person who has been in the dating field for a while. People like to make jokes that it's that person's fault or that they're doing something wrong. As you can tell I'm somewhat sensitive about this as these are sensitive subjects. And thus I wrote the entry, I didn’t know who knew what was going on and who cared and whether anyone would really give a hoot but none-the-less I wrote it to just get it off my chest.

Things progressed, I went to millions of doctors (not literally but good grief it sure felt like it). By the time April hit and I’d been averaging about 1 appointment per week – cardiology, endocrinology, OB, Fertility, High Risk, etc.. – I had absolutely no problems wearing a hospital gown because meh, it's just another doctor. 

On May 30, I got the freakiest news I had ever received in my entire life (this comparison including being diagnosed with diabetes): I'm pregnant.

Dear heavens you'd think after a year and a half of planning for and thinking about getting pregnant I'd be less freaked out than I was. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am super thrilled. This is totally what we'd been hoping for and planning for for so long but I'm not going to lie, as I was driving home to tell Drew the news I kept thinking "Undo! Undo! Ctrl-Z! I'm not ready for this commitment!" Oh silly me.

So yeah, I"m pregnant. Go figure. I really am excited and I think my fear and apprehension that I've been having is more about me realizing how big of a commitment this is that we've gotten ourselves into and that this is a huge deal and that a lot is going to change and that I'm never going to sleep again. I'm not even kidding with that last thing. I haven't slept through an entire night since finding out I was pregnant because I have to get up every 3 hours and pee. Not cool, bladder, not cool. 

We had our first ultrasound in June when I was 8 weeks along. I was seriously paranoid that I was going to get in there and they'd be like "you're not actually pregnant.." I hardly ever felt nauseous, I'd never thrown up, I felt pretty much no different than pre-pregnancy and any symptoms I was having (slight nausea in the mornings and feeling exhausted around 2 pm) I convinced myself were all in my head. No such thing. They showed us our little cashew (that's what the baby looked like at that point) and let us listen to the heart-beat. Holy. Hannah. That was crazy to hear!!

I see about 3 doctors now with my pregnancy but it's kind of cool that way because it means more ultrasounds and chances to see the baby :) At week 13 we went and saw the perinatologist (the high risk ob) and got to see the baby and hear it's heartbeat again. It was so much higher resolution than the previous ultrasound and the baby was flipping and moving all over the place. The craziest thing was that the baby actually looked like a baby.

It's so crazy to see the baby progress and get more developed. Then, on August 20, the day before our 3rd anniversary, we were able to have the gender check. Insert drum roll here. :)

It's a boy!

Drew I think is ecstatic and I have to say that I am super excited too. Beforehand I kept telling myself I was going to be happy either way and I kept thinking of all of the fun girly outfits I could buy if we had a girl. When they told us it's a boy I had to breathe a huge sigh of relief because I don't know a thing about girls (despite the fact that I am one...) After the appointment we went to Target and kind of went crazy with buying some baby outfits. They were so flippin' cute though!

We had our 20 week appointment a little while ago and according to the OB things are looking great. It's still a boy and the baby is right where he should be in size. It was so awesome to see him again and watching him move around is still super crazy to me. Oh! And I'm finally showing now! See:

Oh, so the official due date is February 6 but the paranatologist said that she doesn't like to have diabetics go beyond 39 weeks because at that point is poses more of a threat to the mother and doesn't benefit the baby that much. So we're kind of planning for the end of January. I'm 22 weeks along right now and it's crazy to think that. The past two weeks I've been able to feel the baby kick and it is so .. different. This morning, I felt some kicks and when i placed my hand on my stomach I actually felt the movement with my hand. CRAZY!!

Anywho, this is a huge post so i think I'm going to break right here and pick up another day for the other items.


Friday, May 18, 2012

And then there was 4 months of silence

Wow.. it's a wonder if anyone ever reads this thing considering I haven't written anything for 4 months. Yeah yeah yeah I suck. Sorry about that all y'all.

It's been a crazy couple of months and yet at the same time I couldn't tell you anything really big that happened. Actually, that's a complete lie. Something ginormously big happened: I'M AN AUNT!!!!! Yep, that's right, I am finally an aunt. Look at this little bundle of adorable cuteness:

Lilly Lynn Goodrich was born on May 8 in the morning weighing 8 lbs 4 oz and measuring 19 inches long. She is possibly one of the cutest newborns I've ever seen and I think it may have something to do with her 3 chins as well as her neck chin. She's so squishy and cute and I love and want to keep her :D

Look at this.. how can you not love it.

So yeah, congrats to my brother Ryan and his wife Natalie on the new addition.

Other than that, not much has happened. Drew successfully finished his first semester back at school. It was a lot different than he thought it would be but I think he's really happy to be back on a path to somewhere. I'm quite glad we're back. I seriously LOVE my job. Sure it's stressful some days and sure some days feel like they drag but overall I really really like it. The only down side is that I work with a bunch of old people so it's starting to make me feel like an old soul (aka: boring). I get along with everyone and at work i feel like I am definitely my age but then I come home and realize that I am seriously a stick in the mud.

I've gotten on a crafty rampage over the past few months and that has been amazing. My first project was redoing a nightstand that I bought for $20 from DI. I am in love with this green color; it was awesome that I just found the can of paint there in the garage too.

The next project was revamping the room just off of the bedroom. It was jam packed full of furniture pieces and it was basically just a cluttered mess. With James coming to live with us I had to move my sewing stuff out of the guest bedroom and I decided to clean out this space off of the bedroom. It looks so good now and is my new craft room. LOVE IT.

After I got my craft room set up, I had to do some crafty things so I made this baby cap via crochet and then I made a baby dress for Lilly. I had no idea how big to make the dress so I'm afriad it fits a little bit tight but I thought it looked pretty cute. Especially for something made from old scraps.

So I have seen more doctors in the past 3 months than I would care to count. The doctors decided they wanted to just attack this whole thing and figure out where I'm at health wise. I've had an EKG, an ecocardiogram, some sort of x-ray thingy, and more blood drawn than I knew was in the body. Annoyingly enough, i'm healthy. So yeah, i'm trying to decrease my stress and work out more often though this week has not been the best for either of those things. There's a half marathon in August that I really want to run in but I"m not sure if I'm going to be up to that distance by then. Here's hoping I can pull off a miracle :P

On a final note, I want to give a shout-out to my amazing friend Samantha Mello. She messaged me a couple of weeks ago and asked that I include something in my blog about a cause that is near and dear to her heart and to everyone who knows her. Samantha and two of her sisters have cystic fibrosis, an illness affecting the lungs. Essentially, an excess of mucus covers the lungs and makes breathing difficult. Even though this is a deadly disease, the entire time I have know Sam she has always been such a bright ray of happiness and love. She is always cheerful and is quick to make those around her smile. I've always looked up to her so much for all that she is and all that she is trying to becoming. Sam let me know, however, that her oldest sister is currently awaiting a double-lung transplant in Seattle. To show support for her sister and to try to make a difference, Sam is participating in the Great Strides Walk in Boise, ID - a fundraising event aiming to help raise enough money to find a cure for the disease. I hate asking for money but this is truly a worthy cause. If you are able to either give a few dollars or even participate that would be an incredible thing. Like I said, Samantha is an amazing person I would do anything for her. I know some of you don't know her but even then this walk is showing supports for hundreds affected by CF. You can donate at the following site. Sam - our thoughts and prayers are with your sister. I hope everything goes well for her!!